Banana Range Wind Farm - 280MW

Project Overview

The Banana Range Wind Farm project is planned to be located approximately 20 km west of the town of Biloela in Central Queensland.

The project will consist of up to 50 wind turbines with a power output of up to 280MW and may include large-scale battery storage.

Lacour Energy selected this project site based on wind modelling of the region showing high wind speeds combined with the presence of a high voltage powerline going through the site.  Lacour initiated the development and have undertaken feasibility studies including: wind resource assessments, environmental assessments, landowner agreements, network connection, layout design, development approval preparation, regulator consultation and community consultation.Lacour Energy obtained the State and Federal Approvals for this project.

The project is in the heart of  the Queensland Central Renewable Energy Zone and the project has been acquired by EDF Renewables. EDF Renewables will construct and operte the project and  aim to commence construction at the end of 2022. 

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